All Ages Recommendation: Mad Man

This isn’t Don Draper, folks! Meet Mad Man, the disfigured Frankenstein-type monster who thrives on adventure!

Created in the early 90s by Mike Allred, Mad Man has been a mainstay in the All Ages comics scene for over 20 years.

Mad Man tells the tragic tale of a young man who was killed and seriously disfigured in a car as a result of a car accident, but revived by a scientist. Taking on the costume of his favourite childhood hero in a state of post-traumatic stress, Mad Man fights crime to cope with his forgotten life!


A tragic tale, yet a fascinating one for kids, Mad Man appeals to All Ages with its pop-art style that is sure to wow readers with its grooviness. After defining his artistic skill while working on Mad Man, Allred went on to work on popular characters like Batman, the Fantastic Four and X-Force, where he brought his revolutionary quirkiness and grooviness with him.

Unlike any other All Ages book out there, Mad Man is thrilling adventure with a whole lot of heart.


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