All Ages Recommendation: “Mr. Peabody And Sherman”

Sholly Fisch and Jorge Monlongo have hit the sweep spot across generations with their new All Ages comic series from IDW, Mr. Peabody & Sherman.


With the upcoming movie scheduled starring Ty Burrell in 2014, the timing is perfect for Mr. Peabody & Sherman to make their comics debut. The duo first appeared in Rocky & Bullwinkle, which itself was a series with topical humour, perfect for adults to watch along with their kids.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman tells the adventures of Sherman, a boy, and his time-travelling companion (and the world’s smartest being who happens to be a dog) Mr. Peabody.

With the perfect touch of Sci-fi and adventure, Mr. Peabody & Sherman is an educational thrill ride that keeps readers enticed with witty dialogue and engaging plots.

Fisch is a long time fan of the characters, and the creator’s love certainly shows in the new series. With only one book that has yet to hit the stands, now’s the right time to check out Mr. Peabody & Sherman!



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