All Ages Recommendation: “Batman ’66”

Taking place in the canon of the 1960’s Adam West TV Series, Batman ’66 is pure, unadulterated, shark-repelling fun. A digital-first series that comes out in $0.99 chapter installments, the first of which is available for FREE on Comixology this week!

Batman ’66 is perfect for introducing kids to a campier version of the character, that still hosts exciting action and complex situations. It capitalizes on the nostalgia of the classic live-action series, in a way that’s sure to appease older fans.


The stories are generally played straight, not as a parody, which make the stakes and drama feel genuine for the characters.

Jeff Parker scripts the series and offers accessible one-shot tales. Drawing on original series villains like King Tut, the series draws on obscurities from continuity, yet makes the book feel fresh and exciting.

Released digital-first, Batman ’66 takes advantage of the emerging medium to great success, boasting a unique “Guided View” that adds an animated flare to the comic that matches the adventurous tone of the television series.

Chapter 22 is on sale this week, but as much as I encourage readers to check out every chapter, you can jump in at any time.


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